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6×6 TLR camera

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TLR Seagull 4A

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With original case and lens cap.

This is camera in a very nice cosmetic and working condition.

The aperture works very good. Aperture time working acurrate.

The aperture and shutter blades are clean and working fine.

The lenses are clean without fungus or scratches. As used lenses may have some micro dust particles inside or minimal cleaning marks.

The view finder is clean and clear.

The focus is working easily.



About this camera:

6×6 TLR camera produced by Seagull in Shangai

This model has a wind-on crank with automatic frame counter

Special feature is the depth of field scale in the focusing knob

Considered to be a Rolleiflex copy

Nameless 75mm F2.8 finder lens

Haiou 75mm F3.5 taking lens

Format 120 film






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