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35mm SLR camera

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Pentax Super ME Super black only body.

Sr. Nr.: 2671762


This is a camera in an used condition, with some normal traces of usage. The body is a bit damaged, there is a small broken part on the back right corner, easy to see at the pictues.

There is a missing metal cover at the top of the film advancer lever.

Otherweise the camera has been tested and it is working good.

The automatic shutter speeds are working fine. Shutter speeds are indicated on the finder.

Selftimer works.

The view finder is clean, just some minimal dust particles inside, clear sight.

The mirror is clean, without scratches or fungus.

The mirror damper is ok, still doing his job, nice condition. The light seals are,as many of this cameras, in a damaged condition, please see pictures below.



Thanks to Butkus, you can get the camera manual here: Pentax ME Super manual


About this camera:

Aperture priority automatic 35mm SLR camera with Pentax K bayonet mount.

Produced between 1980-1986 by Pentax as a derivated of the Pentax ME.

Smallest and lightest Pentax SLR camera, around 440gr.

Seiko MFC-E2 electronic focal plane shutter, from 4s to 1/2000s, speeds displayed in the finder.

Metal shutter curtains moving vertically.

TTL, open aperture exposure meter.

Exposure modes: Apreture priority, Manual, 125 mechanical and Bulb.

Range finder inside the view finder, split image and microprism ring in the center.

Fixed hot shoe.

This camera can attach an external winder (ME or ME II)

Uses 2 x 1.5V batteries (not included)




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