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35mm SLR camera

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Rolleiflex SL 35 only body

Sr.Nr.: 4103953


This is a used camera in a very nice cosmetic condition, with some normal traces of usage, see pictures.

It has been tested and it is working fine.

Aperture times working acurrate. Shutter and shutter curtains working very nice.

Lightmeter tested and fully working.

Self timer works as well.

The mirror is clean. The view finder is clear and clean as well.

This camera has a hot shoe mounted.
Thanks to Butkus, you can get the camera manual here: Rolleiflex SL35 manual


About this camera:

First 35mm SLR camera made by Rollei

Produced in Germany and most of them in Singapore

This camera is made in Singapure

Production date: 1970-1976

Shutter Type: Focal Plane rubber cloth curtain

Shutter speeds: 1 s-1/1000 s, Bulb

UsesĀ  1 x PX 625 (1.35V) battery (not included)




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