Rangefinder Werra 3 with Tessar R12171


Rangefinder Werra 3 with Tessar


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Werra 3 with Tessar 50mm F 2.8

Sr. NR.: 590794

With sun hood and lens cap

This is a camera in an excellent condition, with some traces of use.

Fully working.

It has been tested and its works pretty nice.

Aperture times sound acurrate, working very good.

Shutter and aperture blades are clean and working.

Viewfinder is very clean and clear. With rangefinder inside.

The lens has no fungus or scratches, very nice condition. As an used lens may have micro dust particles inside.

I would say that this is a camera in a great working condition, with some normal traces of use.

Notice that the hood is a bit damaged, see pictures



About his camera:

35mm viewfinder, rangefinder

Tessar 50mm F2.8

Werra cameras were made in Eastern Germany, from 1954 to 1968 by Carl Zeiss Jena.

Werra is the name for a small river close to the production factory.

Fixed lens 50mm F2.8

All the controls are located around the lens. On the top plate we have only the shutter release button.

The most unique feature of this camera is the covered ring around the lens barrel. Twisting the ring cocks the shutter and advanced the film in one motion.


Thanks to Butkus, you can get the camera manual here: Werra 3 manual








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