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TLR medium format camera

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TLR Seagull 4BI

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with original case and lens cap.

This is a used camera in a very nice cosmetic condition.

It has been tested and it is working with some issues, the aperture times are not acurrate.

1/300, 1/125, 1/60 and 1/30 working good.

1/15 is too slow (like 1/2s)

1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 seems to work good as well.

And 1/1 is too fast like 1/15s.

Bulb works.

the focus is working fine.

The view finder is clean and clear.

The lens is clean, without fungus or scratches. As a used lens may have some micro dust particles inside or minimal cleaning marks.



About this camera:

TLR camera produced in Shangai by Seagull, the oldest camera maker in China.

This model 4B-1 is a simplified version of the 4A

It may take 645 formats

The lens has 3 elements

Fixed focal length lens Haiou SA-85 75mm F3.5

No battery needed

120 format roll film

This model 4B-1 is the only who can take both 6×4.5cm as well as 6x6cm pictures

This camera comes with a film mask







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