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Polaroid Image Pro camera.


It uses Image / Spectra Film (not included)

All cameras have been carefully cleaned and they are ready to use. The cameras are in a great condition with minimal traces of use.

The cameras have been tested and they are working perfectly, ejecting the film properly after shooting, lightmeter working, flash tested, Lenses and viewfinder are clean.

Fully working!

Dont hesitate to ask

You can get the manual for this camera here: Image Pro manual (by courtesy of Mulens)


About this camera:

Lens: 125mm f/10 3-element “Quintic”

Electronic shutter 2.8 sec -1/200sec.

Programmed automatic exposure

Automatic focus, sonar system

Focus distance indicator in viewfinder

Built-in automatic electronic flash

Built-in self timer

Socket for electronic remote control

LCD status panel and electronic menu selection of features

full manual focus override

time-exposure capability

multiple-exposure capability

built-in intervalometer

backlight compensation mode

improved AF and autoexposure systems

Uses film-type Spectra / Image. You can order your film right at Impossible Project site here: Order your film






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